Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Tips - Know how to make QA Section strong!

To become master in the Quantitative Aptitude Section, you need to develop great determination and confidence in you.Do not cover so many sections in a day. Always try to solve few question per day of each section, like, Basic calulation, age, simplification, Profit & Loss etc

You can not learn or cram Mathematics. It is a game of logical and mental abilities and presence of mind to make a quick response while solving questions. You try to understand the aptitude questions’ nature first and then solve them in minimal time duration.

There are four basic things in Mathematics: Addition, Subtraction, Division and Multiplication.

You need to master yourself in the above said basic things which are used in most of the questions and if you solve them faster, you can save your valuable time and switch to other sections question paper.

Learn the multiplication tables up to 20. Square roots up to 30 and cube roots up to 15. It will make calculations easier and faster as well.

Learn the short tricks, solve quicker examples and clear your fundamentals to attempt more questions in exam. Solve Previous Years Question Papers and Sample Test Papers in less time to assess your performance and make more improvements day by day.

Learn by your heart all formulas in Mathematics all sections.Try to solve little harder questions day by day.

Follow the above strategies to start your preparation for Quantitative Aptitude Section.

As per the Syllabus of Quantitative Aptitude, we have shortlisted the important topics that should be taken at the first while preparing for the QA section. To reach your goal of qualification, you will have to prepare a perfect study plan and implement it as well.

You can check out the daily study plan for a month and follow it to boost up your question solving skills.

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