1. Kanheri Caves and Elephanta Caves are found in.
  A.  Gwalior
  B.  Mumbai
  C.  Aurangabad
  D.  Khajuraho
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2. Cochin Fort is located in which of the following place?
  A.   Kerala
  B.  Jabalpur
  C.  Chittorgah
  D.  Ahmedabad
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3. what is the location of Fort William and who is its founder?
  A.  Chennai - Lord Clive
  B.  Kerala - Lord Minto
  C.  Kolkata - Lord William
  D.  Kolkata - Lord Clive
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4. Aurangabad is famour for.
  A.  Prince of Wales Museum (king George V)
  B.  Dhar Fort (Mohammad Bin Tughlaq)
  C.  Ajanta Caves(Gupta rulers) & Ellora Caves (Buddhists)
  D.  Elephants Caves (Rashtrakutas)
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5. Mark the location and founder of Mrignayani Palace
  A.  Jabalpur - Raja Madan Shah
  B.  Gwalior - Raja Man Singh Tomar
  C.  Chittorgarh - Rana Kumbha
  D.  Udaipur - Maharan Fateh Singh
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6. Golconda Fort is located in.
  A.  Dhar - M.P
  B.  Hyderabad- Telangana
  C.  Ajmer - Rajasthan
  D.  Udaipur - Rajasthan
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7. Delhi is famous for which of the following site?
  A.  Qutub Minar, Hauz Khas, Tughlakabad and Humayun's Tomb
  B.  Bundhi Fort
  C.  Shanti Niketan and Shershahi Masjid
  D.  Laxman Temple, Botanical Garden and Shalimar Bagh
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8. A famous place Adhai Din Ka Jhopda by Qutub-ud-din-Aibak is located in.
  A.  Bikaner (Rajasthan)
  B.  Bundi (Rajasthan)
  C.  Jodhpur (Rajasthan)
  D.  Ajmer (Rajasthan)
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9. Nakhuda Masjid and Belur Math are located in.
  A.  Agra (U.P)
  B.  Patna (Bihar)
  C.  Kolkatta (W.B)
  D.  Lucknow (U.P)
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10. Khirki Masjid, Laxmi Narayan Temple and Safderjung ka Maqbara are located in.
  A.  Jaipur
  B.  Delhi
  C.  Agra
  D.  Patna
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