1. Saka Era started from which period and who founded this era?
  A.  78 AD(Anno Domini), Kanishka founded this era
  B.  58 BC, Vikramadiya founded this era
  C.  248 AD, founded by Abhir king Ishwar Sen
  D.  1119 AD, Founded by Lakshmana Sen
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2. Which Samvata is used officialy by Indian government for National calender?
  A.  Valabhi Samvata
  B.  Kollam Samvat
  C.  Saka Samvata
  D.  Vikrama Samvat
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3. Which of the following statement is correct for Vikrama/Krita/Malawa era?
  A.  It is started in 58/57 BC by Vikramadiya, king of Malawa
  B.  It was started to commemorate the victory over Sakas
  C.  None of the above
  D.  A & B both are correct
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4. Which of the following is the oldest veda in the world?
  A.  Sama Veda
  B.  Rig Veda
  C.  Yajur Veda
  D.  Atharva Veda
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5. Which of the following poet and king belong to same Dynasty?
  A.   All are correct
  B.  Poet Banabhatta during King Harshavardhana (Vardhana Dynasty)
  C.  Poet Padmagupta Parimal during King Vakpatimunj (Parmara Dynasty)
  D.  Poet Vallal during King Bhoja (Parmara Dynasty)
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6. Who was the founder of Hijri Era?
  A.  It was founded by Hazarat Muhammad
  B.  It was founded by Akbar
  C.  It was founded by Umar
  D.  It was founded by Ali
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7. Chandbardai and Jayanak were the court poet of king.
  A.  Vikramaditya-VI
  B.  Kumarpala
  C.  Achyatadeva Ray
  D.  Prithwiraja-III
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8. Which era was started by Mughal ruler Akbar in 1584 AD?
  A.  Nevari era
  B.  Ilahi era
  C.   Mughal era
  D.  Islamic era
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9. How many hymns and verses contained by Rig Veda?
  A.  1028 hymns & 10,580 verses
  B.  1025 hymns & 10406 verses
  C.  999 hymns & 10,200 verses
  D.  1208 hymns and 11,280 verses
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10. Which is the earliest texts among Pali texts of Buddhists?
  A.  Milindpannaho
  B.  Deep Vansha
  C.  Tripitaka
  D.  Mahavansha
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