Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it .

“Bhagwat Gita says that everything consists of matter and spirit even our body is made up of Purush(Atman) and Prakriti. Western Sciences only study Prakriti it knows nothing about Purush and neither does it strive to know it, without Purush Prakriti is useless. Western science makes an attempt to understand the other but not of the self whereas our Vigyan studies both Purush and Prakriti hence being more holistic” said Swami Satyanand Das, well known Sanskrit scholar and scholar in Ancient Indian education system. He was giving a talk ‘Prachin Bharatiya Vigyan Pur Vimarsh ki Avashyakta” the talk was organised recently in New Delhi by Bharatiya Dharohar institution.

  Declaring that Manas, Buddhi, Ahankaar all work according to the Atma he explained that in Ancient India understanding the self in other words spirituality was part of the scientific quest not in conflict with it “Mundaka Upanishad mentions two kinds of Vidyas – Para Vidya and Apara Vidya only when one knows both would one understand the purpose of life.”

 This dearth of self knowledge he said is the root of unhappiness of the people “How can people be contented and efficient if they do not know themselves and their role in this world. If someone gets a job in a company but is not told what exactly his job or designation is he would just be confused, and go from here to there aimlessly at office. This is exactly what is happening with most people as we don’t know ourselves or our purpose in this world.”

 He explained the rationale of the four Purusharth’s- Dharm, Arth, Kaam and Moksh “It is important to strike a balance between these four for example people should enjoy Kaam but not at the expense of their Dharm or Arth. People make money and try to enjoy sensory pleasures but they do not know the way to enjoy their senses because in order to enjoy the senses firstly you need to have control over them through practice of Brahmacharya. Only when one has the senses in control could they be able to use them otherwise the affect is that the senses end up using you rather than the other way round. Can you drive a car without learning how to control it. The Bhagwat Gita asks us to use our Vivek to control the senses.”

 He underlined that without knowing oneself and being able to control one’s mind the individual or society can never be happy “Modern science does not give happiness how can one be happy if he has no peace at heart, where in the world is it taught how to make the heart peaceful. It is in our tradition where we learn how to control the restless mind and know the self hence be peaceful.”

 Swamiji said Ancient science is deep rooted in our culture and is being rediscovered “In the west people are spending millions of dollars on research to conclude that one should drink water first thing in the morning, drink it while sitting and if possible drink warm water. Knowledge that are part of age old traditions known even to illiterate people in our country.”

1. On what thing does Swami Satyanand Das, a well known Sanskrit scholar in Ancient Indian education system emphasize in this paragraph?

  A.  Bhagwat Gita
  B.  Purush and Prakriti
  C.  Human body
  D.  Matter and spirit
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2. What is the root cause of unhappiness of poeple in this world?
  A.  They don't know their purpose in the world
  B.  They are not getting proper job in company
  C.   They are not getting proper designation in company
  D.  They have lack of knowledge about job
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3. Why people do not know the way to enjoy their senses?
  A.  People focus on making money only
  B.  They don't do Dharm or Arth
  C.  They are not Brahmachari
  D.  They don't know how to control senses
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4. Why there is no peace at heart?
  A.  Modern science does not tell about it
  B.  We don't know how to make heart peaceful
  C.  We don't know ourself and how to control our restless mind
  D.  Our mind is restless
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5. Why western people are spending millions of dollar on research?
  A.  They are rediscovering science of our old tradition
  B.  They have lack of knowledge
  C.  They want to be happy
  D.  They want to control restless mind and know self
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It is correct sentence.

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it .

Plasma, which is a state of matter, is currently getting a lot of attention from the scientific community worldwide as it holds great promise for the future energy needs. Plasmas could be used to achieve controlled thermonuclear fusions, which if harnessed would provide us with an unlimited amount of clean energy.

 The relativistic effect of plasmas can be used for driven-lasers which are very energy efficient these can also be used as laser based radiation for cancer therapy as plasmas do not harm healthy cells but are capable of destroying bacterial and cancer cells as suggested by latest studies.

 Other uses of plasma include use in fabrication, textiles and for food hygiene. Plasma is also used for propulsion of rockets in space. Plasmas can be seen in our day to day lives in the form of lightning bolts and extremely hot flames. Neon signs contain plasma inside, the glow of fluorescent bulbs is also due to plasmas and they are used for making semiconductors as well as plasma television sets.

 Plasmas are very different from gases with neutral atoms as they consist of ions and electrons and have waves and oscillations due to electrical forces and mobility of electrons. Ordinary gases with such behavior are considered sound waves as they have no connection with the electromagnetic waves. Due to non-thermal particles in space as sources of high energy emission, turbulence in the magnetic-dominated pair plasmas produces relativistic effects. Relativistic plasmas can be created due to heating of gases at high temperatures or by high energy particle beams.

 Some electron accelerations can be made by making the electrons do transverse betatron oscillations in self-generated static electric and magnetic fields. When betatron frequencies match with a laser frequency by relativistic electrons, resonance occurs, leading to energy exchanges between laser and electrons. Some of the major applications of the relativistic effects of plasma is in Wakefield accelerations. Normal particle accelerators work at a radio frequency of the accelerated electrons due to the electric fields at very high energies. The radio frequency electric field can break down and produce a large amount of heat which can melt the accelerator, thus for getting more power from an radio frequency accelerator, a longer beam line is needed which can be costly.

 However this is not the case with a plasma Wakefield machine, it can produce a high amount of energy with a smaller beam line. This kind of system uses lasers to create a charge ‘Wake’ in a plasma. Hence, these kinds of technologies are being developed at CERN and other particle accelerators for producing more energy and understanding the nature of particles.

6. What is important part of plasmas in this paragraph?
  A.  Plasmas are similar to gases with neutral atoms
  B.  Plasmas have static electrons and sound waves
  C.  Plasmas consist of ions and electrons and have waves and oscillations
  D.  Thermonuclear fusion is induced by plasma
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7. What can be created on heating of gases at high temperatures?
  A.  Electromagnetic waves
  B.  Relativistic plasmas
  C.  Non-thermal particles
  D.  Ions and electrons
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8. How does normal particle accelerators work at a radio frequency of the accelerated electrons?
  A.  Due to Electric fields at very high energies
  B.  By exchanging energy between laser and electrons
  C.  Due to longer beam line
  D.  By electromagnetic waves and sound waves
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9. Which of the following area where plasmas are not used?
  A.  Semiconductors and bulbs
  B.  textiles and food hygiene
  C.  destroying bacterial and cancer cells
  D.  Rockets tyres
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10. The most suitable title for the paragraph is:
  A.  Plasma a boon for human beings!
  B.  Plasma, a new technology of energy emission!
  C.  Plasma could be the New Crude!
  D.  Plasma uses and its effects!
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"until she would have spent" should be replaced by "until she had spent"

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