1. When was United Nations formed?
  A.  24th October, 1946
  B.  24th November, 1945
  C.  24th October, 1945
  D.  25th December, 1946
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2. The charter of UNO was signed on 26th June, 1945 by the representatives of how many nations?
  A.  50 nations
  B.  45 nations
  C.  30 nations
  D.  55 nations
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3. How many countries are members of United Nations?
  A.  203 countries; Tuvalu is the latest member
  B.  195 countries; Switzerland is the latest member
  C.  190 countries; Timor-Leste is the latest member
  D.  193 countries; Sudan is the latest member
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4. The headquarter of United Nations Organisation is located in
  A.  Vienna, Austria
  B.  Washington D.C (USA)
  C.  New York, USA
  D.  Paris, France
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5. The official languages of UNO are:-
  A.  English, French and Chinese
  B.  Both A & C are correct
  C.  Russian, Arabic and Spanish
  D.  English and Chinese
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6. The working languages of UNO are:
  A.  English & French
  B.  English & Spanish
  C.  English and Latin
  D.  French and Spanish
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7. Which of the following is not an organ of UNO?
  A.  General Assembly, Security Council
  B.  Economic and Social Council, Trusteeship Council
  C.  International Court of Justice, The Secretariat
  D.  United Nations Development Council
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8. International court is situated in:
  A.  Paris, France
  B.  Geneva (Switzerland)
  C.  Hague (Netherland)
  D.  New York (USA)
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9. How many permanent and non-permanent members are there in Security Council?
  A.  Permanent : 10 members; Non-permanent : 5 members
  B.  Permanent : 5 members; Non-permanent : 10 members
  C.  Permanent : 4 members; Non-permanent : 6 members
  D.  Permanent : 6 members; Non-permanent : 4 members
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10. The non-permanent member of Security Council are elected by two-thirds majority of General Assembly for how many years?
  A.  2 years
  B.  4 years
  C.  5 years
  D.  3 years
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