In each of the following questions, four reactions are given, each of which bears reaction to the given situation. You are required to select the best answer from the given alternative.

1. You are going for a job interview. Which one of the following questions is the most important to you?
  A.  Working environment of the company
  B.  Salary to be paid by company
  C.  Growth in the company
  D.  All of the above
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All are equally important reactions. Hence, option (D) is the correct option.


2. You are a having dinner in the party given by your friend. Your friend asks you to take one more bread after your stomach is full. You would:

  A.  take one more bread on insisting
  B.  bluntly refuse it.
  C.  say that food was very delicious and you have had enough.
  D.  show your anger with your eyes
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As a guest the reaction (C) would be appropriate. Hence, option (C) is the correct answer.

3. You and your friend are fixing an electric fan. Suddenly, he gets stuck with a naked electric wire. You would:

  A.  hold the wire and pull it off
  B.  run to search a wooden stick and pull off the wire
  C.  run to find the main switch board and switch it off
  D.  hold his arm and try to set him free
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It is very hard to find the main switch board beacuse it is your friend's house. You can't hold his arm as it would put in danger too. Similary, you can't hold the wire. It is easy to find a wooden stick and pull the wire off with it. Hence, option (B) is the correct answer.

4. You see that a child is drowning in a river and you know smimming. You would:

  A.  dive into the river and save his life.
  B.  start shouting a child is drowning
  C.  run to find the professional swimmer
  D.  inform the police
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All the reactions except (A) are time consuming to save his life. Hence, option (A) is the correct answer.

5. At the time of Diwali celebration, you see a child get severe burns on his hand. You would:
  A.  apply some ointment on burned area
  B.  immediately dip child hand into water and then apply burning sensation soothing cream
  C.  call for a doctor
  D.  wash his hand quickly with dettol
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All other reactions except (B) are useless to supress the burning sensation. Hence, option (B) is the correct answer.

6. You are going to Mumbai in a train. Suddenly, you find a suitcase under your seat. You would:
  A.  call the police and inform them
  B.  open the suitcase to look through the stuff
  C.  shout and scare the people
  D.  ask the people for its ownership and if no one claim then become its owner
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Any unattented suitcase may carry bomb or other dangerous stuff which is harmful to the life of people. So, without wasting time it is advisable to inform the police. Hence, option (A) is the correct answer.

7. During playing cricket, you hit the ball with the window pane of your neighbour and break it. You would:
  A.  argue with neighbour that you did not break it willingly and demand the ball back
  B.  run from the ground without being noticed and ask for the ball later on
  C.  say that it was not your fault and argue with him
  D.  apologise for breaking window pane and compensate for the loss
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All the options except (D) would increase fight between you and your neighbour. Hence, option (D) is the correct answer.

8. At the time of cooking food, you wife's scarf catches fire and she doesn't know it. You would:

  A.  scream and inform her about the fire
  B.  rush and take out the scarf from her neck, pour water on scarf and put off the fire.
  C.  pour water directly on scarf without taking it off to save time
  D.  shout for getting help from other members
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All other options except (B) are useless and time consuming to save the life of your wife. Hence, option (B) is the correct answer.

9. At the time of learning driving, you hit your car on vegetable vendor's cart. You would:
  A.  apologise and compensate for the damage
  B.  argue with him
  C.  run away immediately
  D.  insist that you did not hit deliberately
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All the options except (A) are intensify the fight. Hence, option (A) is the correct answer.

10. Ravi is your friend and he did not invite you on his marriage party. You would:
  A.  ignore the whole affair
  B.  attend the party even though not invited
  C.  send him your best wishes
  D.  break friendship with him for good
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All the options except (C) are uneffective to realise your friend that he had commited a mistake. Hence, option (C) is the correct answer.

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