1. Who is the father of biology
  A.  Camilo Golgi
  B.  Altman
  C.  Linnaeus
  D.  Aristotle
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2. Five kingdom classification was proposed in 1969 by:
  A.  R. H. Whittaker
  B.  Linnaeus
  C.  Waldeyer
  D.  Frederic Meischer
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3. Monera, Protista, Fungi, Planatae and Animalia are:
  A.  Modes of nutrition
  B.  Five types of Kingdom classification
  C.  Types of cells
  D.  Types of membrane
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4. Father of taxonomy is
  A.  Robert Hook
  B.  Carlos Linnus
  C.  August Weisman
  D.  Schilden and Schwan
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5. Scientific name of Man, Mango and Housefly are:
  A.   Homo sapiens, Bos indicus and Canis familaris
  B.  Felis domestica, Cicer arietinum and Musca domestica
  C.  Homo sapiens, Rana tigrina and Pisum sativum
  D.  Homo sapiens, Mangifera indica and Musca domestica
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6. Study of cell is called.
  A.  Cytology
  B.  Oncology
  C.  Kalology
  D.  Cryobiology
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7. The smallest cell and longest cell in human body is:
  A.  Smallest:WBC; Longest:Sperm cell<
  B.  Smallest:RBC; Longest:Cervix
  C.  Smallest:Mycoplasma gallisepticum; Longest:Neuron
  D.  Smallest:Epidermis cell; Longest:Cervix
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8. There are only two types of cells: Prokaryotic cell and Eukaryotic cell
  A.  False
  B.  True
  C.  Three types
  D.  Can't say
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9. Number of Mitochondria in bacterial cell is:
  A.  Four
  B.  Two
  C.  One
  D.  Zero
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10. Which of the following statement is correct for cell wall?
  A.  B and C both are correct
  B.  In plant cell there is a rigid cell wall which is non living and it is made up of cellulose.
  C.  It provide shape and rigidity to the cell. Bacteria cell wall is made up of peptidoglycan.
  D.  None of the above
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