1. Which of the following statement is correct about computer?
  A.  Computer is an electronic machine that helps to process data
  B.  Computer is an information-proessing and accessing tool
  C.  Computer is an electronic device which processes the input informations according to the given set of instructions, called program
  D.  All the above statements are correct
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2. Who is called the 'Father of modern computer'
  A.  Lady Ada Augusta
  B.  Herman Holorith
  C.  Charles Babbage
  D.  Blaise Pascal
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3. Who developed the first Mechanical Computer 'Mark - I' in 1937?
  A.  John Van Newman
  B.  Howard Ekin
  C.  Ted Nelson
  D.  Garry Kasparov
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4. Who invented world's first electronic computer 'ENIAC-I' in 1946?
  A.  J.P. Ekart and John Moschley
  B.  Pascal
  C.  John Van Newman
  D.  Richard Gatling
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5. What is total number of generation of computer is:
  A.  3
  B.  7
  C.  4
  D.  5
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6. Which of the following statement is correct for the Generation of computer?
  A.  Ist Generation period is from 1940-52
  B.  IInd generation period is from 1952-64
  C.  All are correct
  D.  IIIrd generation period is from 1964-71
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7. Which of the following is not a type of computer?
  A.  Micro Computer, Mini Computer
  B.  Milli Computer
  C.  Quantum Computer
  D.  Main Frame Computer, Super Computer
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8. Which is the first computer made in India?
  A.  Siddharth
  B.  Deep Blue
  C.  Blue Gene
  D.  Shorya
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9. Which city is known as Silicon Valley of India
  A.  Delhi
  B.  Gurgaon
  C.  Chennai
  D.  Bengaluru
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10. Which is the National party who created its website first of all other political parties?
  A.  BSP
  B.  DMK
  C.  BJP
  D.  Indian National Congress
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