1. Rank and File
  A.  High profile business people
  B.  Ordinary People
  C.  Powerful and rich people
  D.  Top rank people in Army
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2. To blow one’s own trumpet
  A.  To play own's trumpet on occassion
  B.  To tell one's own story only
  C.  To praise one’s own achievement
  D.  Shouting on petty things
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3. A bone of contention
  A.  A hidden grief and sorrow
  B.  A serious matter to be solved
  C.  An important person
  D.  A source of quarrel
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4. To die in harness
  A.  To remmain and die in same profession or service
  B.  To die in poverty
  C.  To work for other without money
  D.  To do hardwork to achieve something
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5. Every cloud has a silver lining
  A.  A hidden pleasure
  B.  To keep high moral
  C.  Adverse situations do not last forever
  D.  To buy very expensive items
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6. To hit below the belt
  A.  To beat someone very badly
  B.  To discourage someone
  C.  To take advantage of one's weakness
  D.  To act unfairly in a situation
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7. To put in a nutshell
  A.  To say or make something concise
  B.  To put himself in a bad situation
  C.  To become a famous person
  D.  To focus or concentrate on an important issue
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8. It takes two to tango
  A.  To encourage two person to start a fight
  B.  Both people involved in a bad situation are responsible for it
  C.  To spoil a situation
  D.  To argue without any result
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9. Break the ice
  A.  To make a situation more difficult
  B.  To accept the challenge
  C.  To initiate a social conversation or interaction
  D.  To threat someone
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10. Black and blue
  A.  To make fun of someone's appearance
  B.  A hidden motive to harm someone
  C.  To annoy someone
  D.  To beat someone very badly
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