1. What kind of energy is possessed by wind?
  A.  Thermal energy
  B.  Wind energy
  C.  Potential energy
  D.  Kinetic energy
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2. 1 Horse power (H.P) is equal to how many watts (W)?
  A.  646 W
  B.  756 W
  C.  746 W
  D.  846 W
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3. A freely falling ball rebounds on hitting the ground. Which form of energy appears on hitting the ground?
  A.  Kinetic energy
  B.  Heat energy and Sound energy
  C.  Sound energy
  D.  Potential energy
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4. How many joules of mechanical energy (or work) must be spent to raise the temperature of 1 kg of water by 1° C?

  A.  4186 joules
  B.  4176 joules
  C.  4156 joules
  D.  4286 joules
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5. What are the common varieties of coal?
  A.  Lignite
  B.  Both A & C
  C.  Bituminous and Anthracite
  D.  Bituminous, Anthracite and Coke
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6. Which coal has highest carbon content?
  A.  Bituminous and Anthracite
  B.  Lignite
  C.  Bituminous
  D.  Anthracite
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7. Which of the following products are obtained by destructive distillation of coal?
  A.  Both B & D
  B.  Coal gas and Ammoniacal liquor
  C.  Coal gas and Coal tar only
  D.  Coal tar and Coke
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8. Which type of distillation process is done for crude petroleum oil?
  A.  Vacuum distillation
  B.  Air-sensitive vacuum distillation
  C.  Fractional distillation
  D.  Zone distillation
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9. Petroleum gas is a mixture of:
  A.  Methane
  B.  Butane and Propane
  C.  Ethane
  D.  Both B & C
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10. Natural gas contains 95%:
  A.  Ethane
  B.  Methane
  C.  Propane
  D.  Both A & C
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