1. What is the name Earth's Galaxy and what is its shape?
  A.  Milky Way Galaxy; Spiral Shape
  B.  Ursa Minor Dwarf; Elliptical Shape
  C.  Andromeda II;Lenticular Shape
  D.  Sagittarius II; Irregular Shape
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2. Which one of the following is our nearest galaxy?
  A.  Ursa Minor Dwarf
  B.  Hydrus I
  C.  Sagittarius II
  D.  Andromeda
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3. Which is the nearest and farthest planet of Solar system?
  A.  Nearest: Venus; Farthest: Uranus
  B.  Nearest: Mercury; Farthest: Neptune
  C.  Nearest: Mars; Farthest: Saturn
  D.  Nearest: Mercury; Farthest: Jupiter
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4. Which planets are called terrestrial planets?
  A.  Mercury, Venus and Earth
  B.  Earth
  C.  Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
  D.  Earth and Mars
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5. Which planets are called gaseous planets?
  A.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus
  B.  Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
  C.  Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus
  D.  Earth, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune
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6. What is the diameter of sun?
  A.  13,20,000 kms
  B.  15,00,000 kms
  C.  12,00,000 kms
  D.  1,391,000 kms
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7. How big is sun's diameter as compared with Earth's diameter?
  A.  109 times
  B.  100 times
  C.  120 times
  D.  115 times
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8. Sun's weight is about ___________ times as much as Earth.
  A.  373,000
  B.  350,000
  C.  333,000
  D.  300,000
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9. What is the average distance of Sun from Earth?
  A.  130 million kilometers
  B.  109 million kilometers
  C.  170 million kilometers
  D.  150 million kilometers
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10. How much time sunlight takes to reach on earth?
  A.  About 7 minutes
  B.  About 8 minutes
  C.  About 9 minutes
  D.  About 6 minutes
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