Dear candidates, you need to go through the each topic of Non verbal reasoning thoroughly and have a clear understanding of them. All the topics related to Mirror Image, Water Image, Paper Cutting and Folding; you can use object to master in them. Such questions are generally solved by option elimination technique. Start rejecting options and choose correct option wisely. So, covering each topic individually is best technique to learning.

To solve image based question quickly, visualization power is a necessary thing and to increase it you must see videos related to such topics and these videos will also give you tricks to solve such questions.

After understanding the topic, You should start practicing questions topic wise from our web portal as well as other book also. It will increase your speed to analyze questions and solve them as soon as you see them in the question paper.

You must evaluate you performance by attempting mock tests of Non verbal reasoning. Try to attempt all questions of mock tests within limited time to analyze your performance and identify your weak areas and then start working on them to increase your accuracy.

You need to master yourself in the above-said basic things which are used in most of the questions and if you solve them faster, you can save your valuable time and switch to other sections question paper.

The most important thing for non verbal reasoning is to attempt previous year papers as they are the hint for final paper. Many government exam pattern remains same and sometimes they repeat questions. Hence, practicing them will given you an advantage to beat others.

The Non verbal reasoning is the easiest subject or marks scoring subject and as we all know to calculate final marks, prelims marks are counted too. So, you can enhance your chances to crack the exam by mastering non verbal reasoning. Therefore, buckle up to nail the exam.

All the above said tricks are helpful for every government exam. Keep visiting our website and take all useful knowledge and questions. Government job exams exam are coming closer now. So, you make your schedule and start preparing for it with pure dedication and it will lead to success.

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