In Government job examination, Verbal Ability test is commonly conducted in question paper and This section is the one where a candidate can score more marks due to the varied options provided.

A well-planned practice of Verbal Ability will help you in saving time and score more in the exam.The verbal ability constitutes of basic English grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Generally, Verbal Ability is the most scoring section of any competitive examination but many candidates due to less practice find it difficult and they don't score well. The reason behind it is less knowledge of English subject.

We are highlighting some verbal ability tips will surely help the candidates to prepare for this section.

Reading: For English language reading is the best practice. You must read New paper, Magazines, Plays, Philosophy, literature, Fashion & Art, Economics, Politics as well as from all those areas where passages could come in the exam.

Vocabulary: Reading different books will enhance your vocabulary and it will solve questions related to synonyms and antonyms in the exam, Having a strong vocabulary is very crucial for any Government Exam.You don't need to try remember all dictionary but you have to remember all those words which you find in newspapers. Make a register and write all those words you don't know and learn them with your heart.

Attempt English Grammer mock test: You have to solve all english grammer mock test in quick time through our web portal. For comprehension, you have to read it throughly first and understand its meaning and then try to attempt questions. It will enhance your comprehension abilities.Try to read more and more paragraphs and try to solve their questions.

Dont panic: Exam preparation is a very patience taking activity. Thought it will take some time but don't try to remember so many words-meaning in a day. Otherwise you will loose you interest. Learn at least 25 words-meaning and 5 comprehension per day to ward off distractions.

Practice: It’s the most important part for any exam. Always keep slow then steady and then go. Always practice with pen and copy. Try to write everything what you have learn. Regular practice of verbal ability questions will be time saving in Competitive exams.

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