Verbal Reasoning requires candidates solve the questions using words and letters. Verbal reasoning exam consist of spotting letter sequences, cracking codes based on letters and numbers, following written instructions, and thinking about text, spotting words within words or finding a letter to complete two other words. To the right is an example of a verbal reasoning question.

Generally, Verbal reasoning test is designed to evaluate your ability to read and understand a text/pattern, and use that information to answer questions. To excel in verbal reasoning analysis and speed are very important.To improve your verbal reasoning solvig speed, you need to apply the following tricks:

Access your weaknesses: You might find that you struggle with a certain part of Verbal Reasoning due to understanding, reading or even answering. These weakness can be improved by practice. You have to highlight weaker section and try to improve these areas.

Be confident in giving answer: You need to be confident while answering any question as true, false, or cannot say. You need to focus only the information provided in the questions and don't use your own assumptions and take a proper logical deduction as to whether it is true or false. If you find no clear answer then don’t hesitate to select the option of ‘cannot say’ .

Keep Practicing: You have to do hardwork in practice and never think that you have done a lot of practice. Do practice of different questions from other sources as much as it is posible.

Prepare effectively from different books and web portals: You should attempt Verbal reasoning tests through books and websites. If this is the case for you, there are some ways to prepare for a verbal test to give yourself the best chance.

Read the instructions: Read and understand the given instructions carefully to solve the questions. Sometimes candidates select the wrong option due to lack of reading.

Manage time properly: All verbal reasoning tests are time taking therefore time management becomes one of the most important things to remember. Go for easy one first then to harder one. Understand the question properly, use pencil to solve with fast pace.

Enhance your English skills: No matter how good you are in English language yet you have to read and learn different new word-meanings, Synonyms, Antonyms. Read and understand comprehension fast from simple to harder one. With good practice in English language you could save too much time to handle other questions.

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