1. When was an Aeroplane invented and who invented it?
  A.  In 1910, Charles Macintosh invented it
  B.  In 1905, Sr Charles Parsons invented it
  C.  In 1834, Charles Babbage invented it
  D.  In 1903, Wright brothers invented it
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2. In 1938, C. Biro of Hungary invented
  A.  Ball-point pen
  B.  Radio
  C.  Safety pin
  D.  Zip fastener
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3. E. Torricelli invented in 1644
  A.  Razor
  B.  Thermionic Emission
  C.  Calculating Machine
  D.  Barometer
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4. Dynamite was an invention of:
  A.   G. Marconi
  B.  Pascal
  C.  Alfred Nobel
  D.  Richard Gatling
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5. In 1800, Alessandro Volta of Italy invented:
  A.  Battery
  B.  Balloon
  C.  Electron
  D.  Cinema
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6. Dynamo was an invention of:?
  A.  Rutherford
  B.  Michael Faraday
  C.  John Dalton
  D.  Walter Hunt
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7. X-Ray was invented by:
  A.  Joseph Montgolfier
  B.  Edward Butler
  C.  Albert Einstein
  D.  Wilhelm Roentgen
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8. Cinematograph and Electric lamp was invented by:
  A.  Richard Gatling
  B.  Michael Farady
  C.  Thomas Alva Edison
  D.  Charles Macintosh
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9. Who invented Radio in 1901?
  A.  G. Marconi
  B.  Dr. A.H. Taylor
  C.  W. L. Judson
  D.  Sir Ernest Swington
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10. Bicycle Tyre was invented by:
  A.  Charles Goodyear
  B.  J. B. Dunlop
  C.  G. Bradsaw
  D.   K. Macmillan
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