• Students in CBSE Xth board exam
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  • Candidates taking classes for SSC
  • Candidates having UPSC exam classes
  • New joinee in the study centre
  • Successful students in CBSE Exams
  • Students giving in CBSE Exam
  • High scoring girls in XIIth CBSE Board Exam
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  • Girls appearing in class test
  • Hign scoring students in CBSE
  • Students coming out from Examination centre
  • Candidates in UPSC exam
  • Cadidates in queue just before exam
  • Candidates taking class in the study centre
  • Candidates in UPSC Exam
  • Selected candidates after NDA Exam
  • Students giving CBSE board exam
  • Candiates taking class for IAS
Students in CBSE Xth board exam1 Candidates giving Government job exam2 Candidates taking classes for SSC3 Candidates having UPSC exam classes4 New joinee in the study centre5 Successful students in CBSE Exams6 Students giving in CBSE Exam7 High scoring girls in XIIth CBSE Board Exam8 Candidates in the Army exam9 Selected candidates after CDS Exam10 Selected candidates after Police Exam11 Girls appearing in class test12 Hign scoring students in CBSE13 Students coming out from Examination centre14 Candidates in UPSC exam15 Cadidates in queue just before exam16 Candidates taking class in the study centre17 Candidates in UPSC Exam18 Selected candidates after NDA Exam19 Students giving CBSE board exam20 Candiates taking class for IAS21

Welcome to Pratiyogita Hub Online Exam Portal

Yes, It's true...

Good practice is a key to get success in life

In this world of competition you need to practice hardcore in every subject. When you take your eyes off your goal, you see the obstacles.To achieve your goal you need to focus on every subject and practice it by your heart.Every successful person in this has the same time as you have, they also have two hands, two eyes, two legs, one brain and one heart like you, nonetheless they have achieved their goals. How did they achieve their goal? The answer is perseverance. They practice, practice and practice to get their goals. So you do the same. We have developed this portal to help you to get a Government job. This portal contains only all those important questions which are already asked in government exams so you need to practice only and you will get high rank in every exam.
   Nothing is "Impossible". The word itself says "I am possible". Four important things you must do to get high rank in Government exams:

LISTENING: The first important thing to expert in subject is to listen carefully what is being taught. You must have good listening skills to store every subject in your mind. As a child first listen for three years continuously what his/her mother says then only he starts speaking. In the same way you make a regular practice to listen what is being taught. Always note what you don't know and find its solution.

SPEAKING: The second important thing is to speak up what you have learned. Try to eloborate everything to your friends what you have learned.

READING: The third important thing is reading and it is necessary for learning new things. It is very good practice to read Newspaper, articles, samples papers, books, and magazines to understand the subject. Reading not only improves your knowledge but your confidence also.

WRITING: The last important thing is writing. Writing is an important tool to understand every subject in better way. Anyone can become the master of every subject oraly but if he practices in writing what he has has studied, he will remember the Subject for longer time.

Follow these four things in your life and you'll see that you are cracking every Government exam.

So, Never Ever Give up

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