The pie chart drawn below shows the expenses of a family on various items and its savings during the year 2001. Study the graph and answer the questions.

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1. Maximum expendiute of the family was on
  A.  Food
  B.  Housing
  C.  Education of children
  D.  Other items
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2. The total savings of the family for the year were equal to the expendidture on
  A.  Food
  B.  Clothing
  C.  Housing
  D.  Other items including transport
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3. What per cent of the income was spent on transport and other items together?
  A.  25%
  B.  20%
  C.  30%
  D.  32%
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4. If the total income of the family was Rs 1,00, 000, how much money was spent on the eduction of the children?
  A.  Rs 10000
  B.  Rs 12000
  C.  Rs 15000
  D.  Rs 23000
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5. If the total income for the year was Rs 1,00,000, the difference of the expenses(in rupees) between housing and transport was
  A.  Rs 15,000
  B.  Rs 15,000
  C.  Rs 7,000
  D.  Rs 10,000
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The Pie chart given here represents the domestic expenditure of a family in per cent. Study the chart and answer the following questions if the total monthly income of the family is Rs 33, 650

6. The house rent per month is:
  A.  Rs 6000
  B.  Rs 6152
  C.  Rs 6057
  D.  Rs 6048
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7. The annual savings in the form of provident fund would be
  A.  Rs 48,456
  B.  Rs 48,540
  C.  Rs 44,856
  D.  Rs 45,480
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8. After provident fund deductions and payment of house rent, the total monthly income of the family remains
  A.  Rs 23,545
  B.  Rs 24,435
  C.  Rs 23,555
  D.  Rs 25,355
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9. The total amount per month, te family spends on food and entertainment combined together, is:
  A.  Rs 11,432
  B.  Rs 11,441
  C.  Rs 12,315
  D.  Rs 12,443
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10. Had there been no children in the family what would have been the total savings of the family including that provident fund?
  A.  Rs 12,667.50
  B.  Rs 12,625.50
  C.  Rs 11,727.50
  D.  Rs 11,777.50
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